Airtel Internet TV: What Is It & All You Need To Know

airtel internet tv
Airtel recently launched a live TV and a lot of people might not have heard about it. The Airtel internet TV is simply a hybrid, requiring a dish and also comes with Google chrome cast so that you can watch content from websites such as Youtube, Google play movies, Airtel movies, and some other related services.

The television has an HD set box that requires an internet connection to connect to the dish antenna. Airtel internet TV can be used to stream content, cast screen, play games from google play store and even rewind, pause and record programmes.

Some of the features of Airtel internet TV

  • Internet connection and speed;

It comes with an internet speed of 4Mbps and can be used to watch 4K content at top speed. It also streams quite fast when connected to the other devices or the internet.

  • Set-top box;

airtel internet tv

This box comes with a specification of 2GB ram and 8GB internal memory. Features like Bluetooth support, gaming remote with trackpad surface, USB port, HDMI port and connection to any kind of TV is also present.

  • Smart remote;
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The remote comes with a trackpad like surface and can be used to surf the TV, play games and even be used for voice search to look for your favorite movies or programmes.

  • Gamepad app;

airtel internet tv

There is also a gamepad app that can be easily downloaded from Google play store. It connects to the set box with Bluetooth and can also be used to play games and navigate channels.

Watch the Viedo below to See how to use the Internet Tv

The airtel internet tv is simply great for your home, and with all the spectacular features it provides, you simply don’t want to miss out on them. So get the internet tv and enjoy using it with your family.

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