At a time of the year when a lot of company and individual business are planning to close shop. There is an event that is brewing, the Calabar festival comes up annually and runs from December 1st to December 31st. the event is considered to be the biggest street party in Africa and see attendance from all over the world.

It is created to boost the cultural heritage of Nigerian people with entertaining performance and great takeaways.

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Few Things You Need To Know About Calabar festival

If you want to attend this annual event, then this are few of the things to know before packing your bags and journeying to ‘the people’s paradise’;

  • Considered to be the biggest carnival in the country, Calabar festival was introduced in 2004 by Donald Duke-who was the governor of the state at that time.
  • The carnival was borne with the aim to make the state a center of entertainment, hospitality, and tourism in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
  • Events like caliber street party, boat regatta, fashion shows, traditional dance, carnival after party and a lot of other great events all happen during the carnival.
  • Various celebrities and bands perform live at the Calabar festival. Even a lot of big names on the Nigeria front attend the carnival.
  • A tourist from all over the world comes for this festival.

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If you have read through the above list and you feel like going, you might just have to wait for another December, as this year’s edition is already rounding up. So come next year December first, you can join the festival train and enjoy yourself as best as you can. More updates on entertaining lifestyle will be coming soon. So just stick with us and don’t forget to share with friends.

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