Apple Recalls Imperfect iPhone 6 Plus Models

Apple Recalls Imperfect iPhone 6 Plus Models

Apple Recalls Imperfect iPhone 6 Plus Models

The American international business technology company, Apple Inc, that design, develop, and sells consumer electronics and other services has recalled its newly introduced latest smart phone, iPhone 6 Plus over damaged back-mounted camera.

The company said even though only a small percentage of the phones sold up to January this year, 2015 has faulty cameras, affected clients are called upon to return the phones as they would be fixed at no cost by Apple.

The phones affected were mostly sold between the September 2014 release date and January 2015. According to the corporation, “Apple has determined that, in a small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus devices, the iSight camera has a piece that may fail, and it will cause your photo to look blurry.”

Moreover, customers who previously purchased the devices could verify the Apple’s complaint link below to see if their device is entitled for a repair.

iPhone owners who wish to check to see can go on and enter their serial number on the link above. To locate your serial number, go to settings, then tap ‘general’ then ‘about’.

Affected customers will have their phones repaired free of charge by taking it into an Apple store or by contacting technical support team. Customers are advised to back up their data before sending phones to be repaired.


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