Apply For 2018/2019 UNF Presidential Scholarship Programme in USA

The UNF Presidential Scholarship Programme is open for interested incoming first-year students who study in the University of North Florida, USA. This post will enlighten you on the Scholarship Award, eligibility and other update you need to know.

The University of North Florida is a public university in Jacksonville, Florida which is accredited by the Commission on Colleges and Schools to award baccalaureate, masters and doctorate degrees to its students.

The Scholarships are awarded to candidate to study any of the courses offered by the University of North Florida. Furthermore, the UNF Presidential Scholarship Programme awards range up to $24,000 over four years for students who possess at least a 3.8 grade point average and corresponding test scores on the ACT or SAT.


For you to be eligible for the scholarship is based on a combination of your test score and recalculated high school grade point average.

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The higher your GPA and test scores, the more likely you will be to receive a higher amount. Scholarships are provided on a funds-available basis, so apply for admission early.

US students are also eligible to apply.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: 3.8 High School GPA

Test Requirement: ACT/SAT test score minimums for freshman scholarships vary depending on the scholarship.

How To Apply For 2018/2019 UNF Presidential Scholarship Programme

All incoming first-year students who posses an outstanding academic achievements are considered automatically for the Presidential Scholarship.

So, there is no separate scholarship application that is required. Provided you have an outstanding academic achievements, you will be considered

Application Deadline

The deadline for all scholarships is October 15, 2017.


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