Apply For Atlas Corps Fellowship 2021 To Study In USA

The Atlas Corps hereby announce the application of the ongoing Atlas Corps Fellowship which is hosted in the United States. International students from other countries are advised to quickly apply for Atlas Corps Fellowship 2021 To Study In USA.

More About Atlas Corps Fellowship Application

The Atlas Corps Fellowship is a 12-18 month Fellowship in the United States for the world leaders in social change. When applicants apply for the Atlas Corps Fellowship, they are not applying for a specific host organization or start date.

Apply For Atlas Corps Fellowship 2021

They request the opportunity to be reviewed by Atlas Corps and potential host organizations throughout the year.

Atlas Corps considers applications on a rolling basis, though they encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible to be considered for Host Organization placements. The application is a multi-step process. Their Fellow Classes start four times a year: January, April, July, and October.

To be considered for Fellowships beginning in July and October, they encourage you to submit Part 1 application no later than February 28. To be considered for Fellowships beginning in January or April, they encourage applicants to submit the Part 1 application no later than August 15.

Atlas Corps receives hundreds of applications each month. The review process can take several months. Atlas Corps recommends submitting an application as soon as possible to begin the review process. Candidates can apply at any time. So do not wait for the deadlines. If they are accepted in the Fellowship, the processing time may be short between acceptance and the start of the scholarship.

The final decision for each group of members will be made approximately 4-8 weeks before the start of the course. The start dates of the Fellowship are not flexible. If the visa of the applicant is approved, he must start the scholarship with the class in which he is admitted.

Level/Field of Study

The Atlas Corps Fellowship In USA is open to students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The scholarship will be applicable to any course offered in the University. If you are not qualified for this scholarship due to your level, you can check out our Undergraduate scholarships, Masters scholarships and PhD scholarships.

Host Nationality

The Atlas Corps Fellowship is hosted in the United States. There are other US Scholarships available for International students in 2021. You can utilize these scholarship opportunities to solve most of your academics problems. Check out other scholarships you can apply for in 2021 to study in Europe, Africa, Asia, America, etc.

Eligible Nationality

The Atlas Corps Fellowship In USA is open to all the countries except the USA.

Scholarship Worth

Fellows serve full-time at Host Organizations to develop leadership skills and learn effective practices through the Atlas Corps Global Leadership Lab professional development series and networking opportunities with other Fellows.
Participants in this prestigious fellowship receive health insurance, flight, and visa costs, and a living stipend to cover basic expenses (food, local transportation, and shared housing)

Eligibilities For Atlas Corps Fellowship Application

  1. Two or more years of relevant experience
  2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  3. English proficiency (oral, writing, reading)
  4. Age 35 or younger
  5. Apply to serve in a country other than where applicants are from (U.S. citizens are not eligible for the U.S. Fellowship)
  6. Commitment to return to applicant’s home country after the 12-18 month Fellowship
  7. Commitment to living on a basic stipend that only covers food, shared housing, and local transportation

How To Apply For Atlas Corps Fellowship 2021

Online Application:

Part 1: applicants will need to create a login and can save their responses so that they can return to the application at any time. In Part 1 of the application (known as the “short form”), they provide contact information and complete the initial eligibility test. If they pass the initial eligibility test, they will complete additional background questions and one short essay.

Part 2 (by invitation only): Atlas Corps will review Part 1 applications and invite eligible candidates to complete Part 2 of the application (known as the “long form”), which includes additional questions about the applicant’s skills and interests and several short essay questions.

They will also be required to submit contact information for at least two references who know them in a professional capacity and will write a letter of recommendation about their skills and experiences as well as their potential for success as an Atlas Corps Fellow.

Applicants will need to send their requests for a letter of recommendation directly through the application system. Applicant’s recommenders will receive an email that asks for a recommendation. More detailed instructions can be found in the online application form.

Atlas Corps Review Process (by invitation only):

Atlas Corps will review Part 2 applications and select top candidates to interview via Skype with the Atlas Corps Selection Board, including Atlas Corps staff and nonprofit sector, government, and business leaders from multiple countries.

Host Organization Review Process (by invitation only):

Candidates who pass the Atlas Corps interview stage will be designated as Semi-Finalists, which means they are eligible to be reviewed by potential Host Organizations for placements based on their interests and skillset and the organization’s needs.

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Host Organization Interview Process (by invitation only):

Host Organizations invite Semi-Finalists that best match their positions to conduct Skype video interviews with them, moving on to the Finalist stage.

Selection and Visa Process:

Host Organizations will make their final recommendations to Atlas Corps, and Atlas Corps will notify the selected candidates. After being selected, Fellows will go to the U.S. Embassy in their respective countries to apply for a J-1 visa. Atlas Corps will provide support in obtaining this visa.

Semi-Finalists who are not selected by a Host Organization will be notified and may be given the option to keep their application on file for consideration for the next class of the Fellowship, moving back to Step 3, the Host Organization Review Process.

Then Semi-Finalists MUST update their availability through their account every 2-4 months in order to remain in consideration for the Fellowship and to be eligible to have their application sent to prospective Hosts. Semi-Finalists will periodically receive a reminder email to do so.

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