Appropriate Sleeping Position For The Body | Best Sleeping Posture

Appropriate Sleeping Position For The Body

Sleep is the best meditation- Dalia Lama

Sleep is the natural relaxation of our mind, body and soul. The Cambridge dictionary defines this term as a resting state  in which the body is not active and the mind is unconscious. Sleeping in a wrong position doesn’t relax the body as it’s supposed to do.

In other to do this effectively, there are recommended sleeping postures. In this article we are viewing the best sleeping postures that has been proven suitable for us by doctors.

Appropriate Sleeping Position For The Body

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Below are proven appropriate sleeping position which is the best sleeping posture that will change your life for good!

1. Lying on your stomachAppropriate sleeping positionIn this situation, you’re expected to lie on you stomach, with your head turned towards one side and your hands raised above your pillow. it has been proven that this position aids proper digestion in our body. Lying on your stomach can reduce snoring and diminish sleep apnea. Also, it flattens the natural curve of the spine, which can lead to lower back pain.

2. Lying on your side, placing both hands down by your side 

For this, one lies down completely on your side. It can also be called the log position. The advantage of this posture is that it keeps the spine and bones straight. People who suffer from various spine problems are advised to use this posture.

3. Lying on your backAppropriate sleeping position

According to Dr Michael Breus, this is the best position to adopt when you want to sleep healthily. It  relaxes every muscle in the body, the spine and also makes you comfortable.

Sleeping healthily makes you comfortable and lightens up your mood and life. Try these three sleeping postures for a week and attest to the difference!

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