Appropriate Way To Pop a Pimple And Get Rid Of it Forever

Pop a Pimple

People between the ages of 11 and 30 years according to Research, are bound to be affected by pimple (acne) at least once during their lifetime. The ailment does not only affect the health of the infected individual’s skin by causing an unpleasant physical appearance, considered by most people as dreadful, but it also dwindles the person’s self-confidence and the feelings they have about themselves.

People start to pop the pimples immediately without knowing how to properly pop it which might result to scars being left behind. Here are the adequate tips that we have assembled to pop a pimple and how to properly prevent future occurrence.

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The Adequate Way To Pop A Pimple

Popping a pimple might seem to be very easy. But doing it too much and inappropriately can be horrifying especially the scars it’s likely to leave on the skin. Therefore, it is imperative to take absolute precaution in popping a pimple without aggravating the problem or irritating the skin.

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You will need to some alcohol, a needle and two tissues for this process.

You should start by rubbing the alcohol to disinfect the needle, and use the disinfected needle to prick a small hole in the pimple you want to pop. Immediately you’ve pricked the pimple, wrap the tissues around the index fingers and squeeze from the both ends of the pimple. Be careful while squeezing, it is necessary that you do not pop a pimple by force.


The most obvious way of getting rid of a pimple is by popping it. Especially when you are frustrated over an event you need to attend and you are also experiencing an unpleasant ugliness on your face. Unfortunately, popping the pimple open can sometimes make the situation worse, luckily there are few ways to prevent pimple from re-occurring.

It is important to note that preventing the problem is much better than having to take care of it. For instance, if you know you have an oily skin, you should also know that you stand a higher risk of developing a pimple. It is important to take special precaution to avoid the skin from being unnecessarily oily during the day.

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WebMD explains that the best appropriate way of preventing pimple from forming is to keep the face clean at all time. Use the product that has been made specifically for your skin type to wash your face two times every day. Then apply some moisturizer appropriate for your skin type, in the morning and before you go to bed.

The type and composition of the food you eat plays a great role on the well being of your skin. Some help to prevent its occurrence while others aggravate the problem. Annmarie recommends that food like; sugar rich food, junk food, cow milk and fast food should be avoided as they can lead to the forming of pimple or even aggravating the situation.

While food like fish, green tea, flax seeds, walnuts, oysters and pro-biotic rich food should be included more in your diet to prevent the breakouts. Also drink lots of water to keep your body dehydrated.

Exercise may be a bit contradicting since it leads to sweating, which is also one of the causes of acne. Studies have shown that as long as you drink water before, during and after exercise and you ensure you do not allow the sweat to remain on your skin for too long, you can still use it to your advantage.

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Many people have made it a habit of excessively touching their face every day. This can cause dirt to pile up, invariably, leading to the development of pimple. Endeavor to wash your hands with soap that has anti-bacteria agents before touching your face with it.

Sleeping on your pillow every time might result in dirt and bacteria building up on your pillow case. It is important to frequently wash your pillowcase to prevent the severity of the bacteria.

Pimples are big problems for many people which can cause abnormalities in the individuals’ appearance and make them more conscious about how they look. Unfortunately, studies indicates that most people will suffer from pimples at least once during their life time.

Popping a pimple may seem the best solution to solving the problem. But not doing it appropriately may also aggravate the ailment. Instead, attempt the style discussed here and implement the preventive measures to avoid future breakouts.

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