Easy Way To Backup Your iPhone Data on an External Hard Drive

Backing up of data on any device is as important as any other function you perform with that device. This is because an unforeseen circumstance could make you lose that device and if there are valuable information on it, it might be very hard or even impossible to retrieve them.

To backup your iPhone data is quite easy, but iPhone is one device that makes backing up a bit tricky. The fact that it doesn’t really make the transfer of files easy without using iCloud also contributes to this.

Also using a laptop to back up your files can also become quickly inconvenient, this is due to the fact that the files may keep increasing until there is no more space left on the drive of your laptop.

The fact is that, you need not to worry, you can use an external hard drive to save your data and even make sure that you have them in case you lose your phone.

Backup Your iPhone Data

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In this article we have compiled easy steps that will guide you on how to easily backup the files on an external hard drive without any hassle. To backup your iPhone data just follow the steps below;

  • Create a new folder on your external hard drive and give it a name that easily tells you it is where you backed up your iPhone files. (The hard drive you selected should be preferably a USB 3 one)
  • Quit the iTunes app and then hit the command “shift-G to bring up the Go To folder field. Then type or copy and paste the following; ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/MobileSync/
  • Click the folder to highlight it and then click on the Command-C to copy it to the clipboard.  Open the folder you just created on the hard drive and hit the Ctrl-V to paste the files. Then wait while it copies.
  • After this is done you can remove the backup folder on the original device or you might just rename it according to your preference.

This is it on how you will Backup Your iPhone Data and then you have it safe, in case your device gets spoilt, lost or stolen. Follow onlinepluz for more helpful tutorials.

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