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  1. Hi I’ve been trying to log in its telling me to verify my phone number and I put the right phone number down and it’s not working so I won’t let me log in can you please fix this problem as soon as possible if you need to get ahold of me by text because sometimes I don’t see my email my phone number is 203 215-7591 thank you for your time

    1. Try logging in using your Facebook or Tiwtter account if you have any.

  2. I failing to log in to my badoo account. This problem has gone for quite some time. What is causing the problem?

  3. I have opened a lot of account but I can’t receive messages

  4. My phone is asha nokia 500.alm in kenya,a city known as mombasa.the problem is that l can,t load in to badoo.why.

  5. is it also compatibele with other phone like nokia E63 if you dont have a smart phone

  6. I have been trying to register and sign up on badoo but not been successful.Pls assist me thx.

  7. Comment Text*Hello! have been trying several times to register but when I click ‘WWW.badoo.com’ it doesn’t open. it just keep searching but doesn’t open.

  8. log with Facebook isn’t loading. give us simple direct tab

  9. I live in Mexico – but speak very little Spanish!! Everytime I try and register on the Badoo website – I get the Spanish version! How do I get the English version website?? This is driving me crazy!!

    1. You can try sign in with your social media account, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. Or you use the forget password option to reset your password and generate new password for your account.

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