Best 50 Oil Companies in Nigeria – Oil & Gas Companies in Nigeria

Oil & Gas Companies in Nigeria

Oil & Gas Companies in Nigeria – Nigeria is blessed with an abundance of natural resources especially hydrocarbons. It is the 10th largest oil producer in the world, third-largest in Africa and the most prolific oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Oil and gas companies in Nigeria contribute greatly to federal government revenues. Furthermore, it also provides more than 65% of budget funds for Nigeria. Nigeria is known to be the biggest exporter of oil and gas in Africa. According to the USA Energy Information Administration, the oil reserves of Nigeria is between 17 and 22 billion barrels, while some other sources claim this figure could actually be up to 35 billion.

The Nigerian economy is largely dependent on its oil sector which supplies 95% of its foreign exchange earnings. Most of this is produced from the prolific Niger River Delta. Below are the Best 50 Oil Companies in Nigeria.

Best 50 Oil Companies in Nigeria

1 Addax Petroleum

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2 Chevron

3 Conoco Philips

4 Total

5 Exxon Mobil

6 Hardy Oil & Gas Plc

7 Nexen Inc

8 Petrobras

9 Shell

10 Statoil

11 Afren Energy Resources

12 Camac (Allied Energy Resources)

13 Conoil

14 Equator Exploration Limited

15 Express Petroleum & Gas Ltd

16 Dubri Oil Limited

17 Amni International Petroleum Development Company Ltd

18 Famfa Oil

19 Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

20 Nigerian Petroleum Development Company Ltd

21 Oriental Energy Resources Limited

22 Pan Ocean Oil Corporation Nigeria

23 Sahara Group

24 Solgas Petroleum Limited

25 South Atlantic Petroleum Ltd

26 Sunlink Petroleum Limited

27 Brawal Shipping (Oil)

28 Intels Services Nigeria

29 Ladol

30 Technip

31 Snake Island Integrated Free Zone

32 Department of Petroleum Resources

33 National Petroleum Investment Management Services

34 Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists

35 Petroleum Technology Association of Nigeria

36 CGG Veritas

37 First Fossil Nigeria

38 Global Energy Group

39 Mabon Limited

40 Petroleum Geo Services

41 Schlumberger

42 United Geo Physical

43 Fugro Nigeria Limited

44 Survicom

45 Ensco Drilling Company (Nigeria) Ltd

47 Noble Drilling

48 African Petroleum Oil Field Services

49 Ana Industries Limited

50 MI Swaco

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