Best Android App for your Mobile phone

This article will give you enough knowledge in the realm of apps. Check out these Best Android App for your Mobile phone.

1. VLC

No matter the kind of video or audio file you’re trying to play, VLC for Android still remains the best video app that will to play it for you. VLC for Android is available on google play.

2. Deezer

You can find millions of tracks on Deezer, you can also make up playlists, find suggestions based on what you always listen to on Deezer. You can get free and subscription options. it is available on google play.

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3. Microsoft Office Mobile

It is the best program for creating, editing, and saving your Word documents. It also support for Excel and PowerPoint, and the option to share via the OneDrive cloud service. you can find this Microsoft Office Mobile on google play.

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4. Snapseed

There is no other powerful photo editing app like Snapseed. It enables you to automatically or manually tune your images to get the perfect look. It’s packed with different filters that you can stack up and it’s easy and fast to use.

5. Calorie Counter

Do you really want to lose weight and get in shape? If yes, then you really need to start counting those calories with this app from MyFitnessPal. It is very easy, accessible, and completely free on google play.

6. POF Dating App

With this app, you don’t need to find matches again, you will see who’s online, and send and receive unlimited messages for free but you will have to pay up if you want to actually meet people. You can get this app on google play and Amazon

Other Best Android App includes the following:

7. MailDroid

8. K-9 Mail

9. Google inbox

10. Firefox

11. Puffin web browser

12. Quick office

13. Google Drive

14. Drop box

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15. Mint

16. Square cash


18. Sidebar Pro

19. Out of Milk

20. Rescue Time

21. aCalender

22. Jorte Calendar

23. Sunrise Calendar

24. Google Keep

25. Evernote

26. Copy Bubble

27. Avast!

28. 360 Security

29. NowSecure

30. Android Device Manager

31. GPS Tracking Pro

32. Go Launcher

33. Nova Launcher

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34. Beautiful Widgets Pro

35. HD Widgets

36. Wi-Fi Analyzer

37. Google Maps

38. Waze

39. Hotel Tonight

40. Smart Traveler

41. Google Translate

42. Transit App

43. Sky Map

44. Yahoo Weather

45. Bitcoin Wallet

46. 3C Toolbox

47. What’s for Dinner?

48. WhatsApp Messenger

49. Best of Parenting

50. Art of Glow

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