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Best Cars For Road TripsIn today’s world traveling by car becomes a popular phenomenon. Isn’t it great to ride on a highway at high speed, enjoying the scenery? And to make it comfortable, it is important to consider the car you are going to ride.

If the car has a small cabin, then it will be difficult to drive it several days in a row. Also, it is important to know that you won`t need to repair or replace something during adventure. In this post we will give a small review of 3 cars that perfectly fit these requirements.

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Best Cars For Road Trips

Volkswagen Multivan California

Best Cars For Road TripsWhen it comes to traveling by car the first thing that comes to our minds is a minivan. Volkswagen Multivan California is a great car for traveling with family. It is equipped with beds, convenient lap-desk, lockers for clothes, a small cooking stove and gas cylinder compartment. Here you will also get a water tank and an outlet for 220 V.

Next to a double-burner you will find a stove and refrigerator. The front seats are deployed to the table, here you can enjoy the meals. Rear seat can be unfolded to a queen-size bed.

Under the rear seats there is a roomy drawer. In the side door there is a small table that can be put on the street, and the back door has two bouncing chairs.

Toyota Prius

Best Cars For Road TripsMid-size car has a major feature – the hybrid engine. Electric motor of this car also performs the work of the generator, so the car is economical, its fuel consumption doesn’t exceed 5-6 litres.

The back seat is quite comfortable for a tall person, the driver also has an excellent overview. A large trunk has a capacity of 445 litres. In addition, specifications are really impressive. For example, the car has an improved aerodynamics. So, this car is just great for long trips and tourism.

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Mazda 5

Best Cars For Road TripsMazda cars are famous for perfect organization of space. Japanese minivan is known to delight the ones possessing a delicate taste for unique style and serious attitude to artistic details. This is an incarnation of water in metal. The car is very beautiful and comfortable.

The front wheels are equipped with a standard set of regulations, but they are so efficient that they are considered the best in their class. The cabin is designed to meet the needs of passengers.

Each rear seat is supplemented by niche in the bottom, one has a plastic table, and another has a seat for the centre. You can comfortably dine or equip a sofa and relax. The car is “obedient” on the road, and perfectly balanced. A 1.8-liter engine is equipped with a new 6-speed transmission.

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