Best Foods For Positive Mood – Foods That Make You Happy

Here are the foods that make you happy. We often at times see ourselves in a state of melancholy. Now if you’re looking for possible things to do to free yourself off that mood, this article is probably written for you! Depression comes 78percent randomly in our lives. It’s part of our growing development. There are various activities and food you take that cures you of this state.

Occasionally, we hear of suicidal cases. The root of all suicide imagination emanates from depression. Hence, learning how to cure this “disease” should be worth your while.

However, this article will be looking only at the food you can take that boosts your mood to 100. These foods have been scientifically proven to be effective.’

Why look for antidepressant drugs when you can naturally come off it gradually?. Come on, read

How does this work?

Medically proven, there are certain foods that contain the protein building wing known as tryptophan. The body uses this ingredient to make serotonin, an organic component that plays a vital role in defeating depression. When your body lacks this component, it leads to the state we all know as depression.

Serotonin otherwise referred to as the “happy hormone” are the organic component accountable for conserving mood balance in our system.

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Food that boost your mood you should know


Yes Oysters! How? Oysters, asides from being low in calories unbelievably decreases inflammation according to Bonnie Taub-Dix.

Bonnie Taub-Dix is the author of “Read it before you eat it” and he proposes that oysters contribute largely to our feelings. This is possible because oysters improve the overall circulation of the body. They are also high in essential body nutrients the body needs. These nutrients include; Fatty acids, Omega 3 and vice versa.

Zinc and vitamin B12 can be found in oysters also. According to Ramsey, Zinc helps fight off stress also regulating our mood and improving memory.!

Brazil Nuts

Heard of Brazil nuts? This is a great snack that’s very rich in Selenium. This ingredient protects your body from radicals that are damaging to health.

Researches made on this nutrient  say that low selenium is a major cause of depression. Try adding this to your diet or taking it when you’re depressed and you’d be glad you read this article.


Oh yes, Bananas! Surprised? There’s a lot more to bananas than you could possibly imagine.

Bananas are rich in core nutrients our body needs. They help regulate the body by calming the nerves and stabilizing the brains.  It’s rich in vitamins and minerals. Bananas are good depression fighters. Trytophan are also found in bananas and it’s known for calming and relaxing our mood.

Try eating a few bananas often!


Carrots contain beta-carotene. this nutrient is recognized for reducing depression level.  Try eating a few carrots when you feel down and see if it works for you.


This works like speed magic when it comes to uplifting mood. The caffeine that is usually contained in coffee boosts mental focus and athletic power. Avoid sugary coffee as it defeats this purpose. Grab some coffee whenever you feel miserable. Trust me, it sure works!


Having low milk in your body often at times leads to the state of depression. Milk contains a lot of Vitamin D. and lack of this nutrient triggers reactions that could be quite disturbing.


Although risky, but it really does take away your worries for a while. Don’t make this a daily routine as getting addicted to it could trigger up a lot of consequences. It’s advisable you take it with self control and awareness. Heavy intake of wouldn’t cute your depressed state but make you worse. So drink lightly and smartly.

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