How to Build a Strong and Quality Back-Links for your Website

backlinkGetting a strong back links or getting your website or a webpage at the top of search engine’s organic listing is very difficult. Building a strong and quality back links is the key in achieving high visibility in SERPs and high page rank.

How to Build a Strong and Quality Back-Links for your Website

To build a strong and quality back links, try the following and see the good result

  • Write useful and informative article on the topics related to your product or services and submit these articles to different directories with high page rank , like Articlebase and Ezinearticles etc.
  • Make a list of forums that have high page rank (above 4) and that allows signature, provide useful information in the forums to the users regarding to the products you are offering, and put your anchor text on the signature.
  • Write press releases, and distribute them through different websites like Newswire.
  • Submit your site to different Search Engines Directories, this always help to get a high quality back links.
  • Create¬† videos and post them to top video sites. this will help promote your site/product which will boost your traffic.
  • You can buy back links from sites like

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