Causes Of Masturbation and Why Masturbation is Bad

Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal and pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm (sexual climax). According to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, masturbation is defined “as an act of exciting the genital organs through unnatural way to practice sex abuse. On this article, are some of the causes Of Masturbation, and also the reasons why Masturbation is wrong.

First, i shall start with what causes masturbation and then later point out the reasons to believe that masturbation is wrong even without considering the fact that it is sinful.

Causes Of Masturbation

1. Lack of Discipline: The major cause of masturbation is the failure to discipline yourself. For you to overcome masturbation, you must be disciplined.

2. Pornographic Materials and Erotic Movies: This is another strong medium that leads a young man or woman to masturbate. Beleive me, exposure to pornographic content will encourage lust and sexual tensions.

3. Wrong and Bad Association: Some young boys and girls get initiated into masturbation while in boarding schools as a result of wrong company they belong to. Their peers encourage them to masturbate assuring them that it’s normal and it’s not a sin.

4. Lust: In case you don’t know, believe me, the mind is the real man. It’s the box set and source of thoughts. Lust is the mother of all other sexual sins. When a young man or woman allows lust inside the mind the next thing is to commit any sexual sin. The whole truth is that you cannot masturbate without lusting.

5. Demonic or Satanic Oppression: In case you don’t know, any past sexual exposure to occultic girls, sex toys, sexual activities, magazines, etc can open the door for demonic oppression. This can cause anyone to be addicted to masturbation. There are young ones who cannot stay a day without masturbating. Furthermore, there are some married men who prefer masturbating to sleeping with their wives.

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Now, you have seen some of the things that can cause you to masturbate, let us look at some reasons why you have to believe that masturbation is wrong.

Reasons Why Masturbation is Wrong

  • Masturbation Causes Loss of interest in marriage: Most young people that actively practice the act of masturbation will in time lose the taste for the institution of marriage.
  • Feelings of inferiority complex: Believe that when you practice masturbation on regular basis, you will develop feelings of inferiority complex. This makes you think that you are not normal and in some cases, you think they are the only ones suffering from this addiction.
  • Pornographic addiction: Most people who practice masturbation always end up becoming addicted to pornography. This is because it provides secrecy and it allows for a faster process of fantasy and ejaculation.
  • Premature ejaculation: Premature ejaculation cause a big problem in marriage for people who have been involved in masturbation. When a man suffers from this, in most cases the woman remains unsatisfied. Beleive me, this leads to complications in the marriage relationship.
  • Feelings of Guilt and self-condemnation
  • Inability to build a healthy relationship with the opposite sex
  • Masturbation causes sexual pervasion into marriage
  • Masturbation leads to prostate related diseases
  • Unhealthy sexual fantasies

I hope that this post on causes of masturbation and reasons why masturbation is bad was helpful. If so, kindly share it on social media to help educate your friends.

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