China Implements law to ban Smoking of Cigarette

Many years ago, the Chines government has tried to reduce the rate of smoking with a range of some measures like anti-smoking measures.

China is the world’s largest consumer and producer of tobacco,thereby, producing about 42% of the world’s cigarettes. China is a home to one of the world’s largest cigarette smoking communities, and now the government is trying to ban smoking of cigarette in its country.

China Implements law to ban Smoking of Cigarette

This is believed that the move will follow other nations around the world that will introduce the law of anti-smoking measures, and it will be considered as the way of reducing theĀ  mortality rate that is near 1 million and 100 thousand a year.

This new rules are set to take effect by the middle of 2015, thereby banning smoking on buses, at work and outside schools and hospitals. This will also facilitate the previous 2011 legislation banning of smoking in public places like hotels and restaurants.

Tobacco advertisements are not allowed to appear outdoors, in public places and transport, as well as in media including radio, TV, films, newspapers, books, and internet. All forms of tobacco promotions and title sponsorship are banned.

Teachers are forbidden from smoking in front of students in primary and secondary schools. Schools are also required to help students quit smoking and educate them about the harm of smoking.

People who smoke in designated smoke-free areas will be fined up to 200 yuan(32.5 U. S. dollars).


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