Commonwealth Scholarship Eligibility and Application Guideline

The commonwealth scholarship is known as an international program that is available to students that are coming from other commonwealth countries. There are about 53 different Commonwealth nations, the majority of them were former territories of the British Empire.

These include some very popular study destinations like the UK, Canada, India, Africa, etc. If you consider yourself a scholar that will bring positive changes to the world and also find solutions to the world’s challenges, then this scholarship is the right fit for you.

This program is available for a full-time master’s degree. There is actually no application fee charge. the commonwealth scholarship program is funded by the UK government and is offered in partnership with some selected universities in the UK.

They have been over 30,000 commonwealth scholarship since 1959, of which about 28,500 has been funded by the government of the UK through the commonwealth scholarship commission in the UK. The scholarship program is funded by the government of the UK and the UK foreign, commonwealth, and development (FCDO).

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This scholarship is actually fully funded, and this scholarship program is one of the most popular in the UK:

  • Commonwealth scholarship can be availed for students who want to do their Masters Program or doctorate program in a university of UK, Singapore, etc.
  • Financial support through this scholarship is only provided until the degree program is completed.

This scholarship doesn’t indulge in financial help for the additional semester.

  • The commonwealth scholarship covers its students travel expenses, school fees, and some other allowances that are related to the participated universities abroad

Commonwealth Scholarship is majorly offered to the student that requires financial assistance with a good academic record. This can be a great opportunity for students that want to pursue a degree in higher education courses at most top-notched universities abroad.

Commonwealth Scholarship Coverage

  • An approved round of airfare tickets from the United State to the UK and return from the United Kingdom at the end of your award.
  • An approved full tuition fee.
  • A monthly allowance of £1,362 each month for those that will be studying at the universities that are within the London Metropolitan areas.
  • Warm apparel to allowance wherein applicable.
  • Thesis funding is also available.
  • You get the chance to visit another place that is within the country or other neighboring countries.

Commonwealth Scholarship Eligibility

Before getting this scholarship, they are some criteria that you have to meet. The eligibility criteria for international students for this scholarship actually vary according to the level of degree and the ranking of the UK universities that the students choose.

To be considered for this scholarship, an eligible student must meet certain criteria. The eligibility requirement needed for both Masters and PhD student level of studies is mentioned below:

Eligibility for Masters Degree Program

  • Be part of a commonwealth country/permanent resident in a developing commonwealth country.
  • Must be below 40years.
  • Must NOT have already registered for the Masters course at any university.
  • Having been abroad for some form of training, studies, or for their own purpose can likewise apply.
  • Must have the minimum qualification of a bachelors degree
  • Must have a minimum score of 60% in social science and 65% in Science subjects.

Eligibility Criteria for PhD Programs

To become eligible for the Commonwealth PhD scholarship, you have the following:

  • Must have obtained a master’s degree certification, or should be in the final year of the program.
  • You must NOT have applied for a PhD level program at any university.
  • Also must have a minimum score of 60% in social science and 65% in Science subjects.
  • Be a citizen of one of the commonwealth countries.
  • Not exceeding 40 years of age.
  • Must have been offered admission to a university in any of the commonwealth countries.

Application Process

Candidates that are interested in applying for this scholarship will be required to submit their applications through a National Nominating Agency. All of the commonwealth countries have its own specific nominating bodies, with its own rules, regulations, eligibility and deadlines.

How to Apply for A Commonwealth Scholarship

Step 1: There are about 90 universities in the UK that students can apply to for Commonwealth scholarships. All of these universities have part funding agreements with the CSC for applicants that are coming from low and middle-income countries.

Step 2: The CSC doesn’t actually accept applications directly from students, because of this, the applicant needs to go through one any of the following nominating institutions:

  • National Nominating Agencies

Head over to the Commonwealth scholarship website to identify a list of nominating agencies in Commonwealth countries.

  • Selected University or the University bodies which can actually nominate their own academic staffs
  • Selected non-governmental organizations and charitable organizations.

Step 3: Students will have to proceed and visit the Ministry of Human Resource Development website to apply for this UK Commonwealth scholarship before they move to apply on the ECAS portal.

Step 4: Once you, the student have reached the ECAS portal, you will need to create an account on it. Fill in all the necessary fields; upload the required documents and go-ahead to submit the application. The deadline to actually submit the application is usually in December; however, students can actually their document by January.

Document for Commonwealth Scholarship Application

To begin your application for the commonwealth scholarships, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Your academic transcripts
  • The admission letter from the UK university
  • Proof of exams to study in the United Kingdom

Schemes offered by Commonwealth Scholarship

Commonwealth scholarship is actually offered under six developmental themes:

  • Science and technology for development
  • Strengthening Health and System and its capacity
  • Promoting Global Prosperity
  • Strengthening global peace, security, and Governance
  • Strengthening resilience and response crisis
  • Access, inclusion, and opportunity

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