Computer System | Components for Online Connectivity

Components for Online ConnectivityFor any one to connect to the Internet, he will need certain components. The basic Components for Online Connectivity include the following:

  • Computer system

You can use a personal computer or any type of computer such as IBM-compatible or Macintosh computer to connect to the Internet. It is advisable to use a system with at lest 128MB of RAM, 10 Gigabytes f hard disk and above,Windows NT, 95or higher versions of windows operating system etc.

  • Modem

A modem is a device that lets computer communicate through telephone lines. Modems provide easy way access information on the Internet. There are also other high speed connections such as an Integrated services Digital Network (ISDN), Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Radion Technology etc.

  • Telephone Line

You can also use the same phone line for telephone and modem calls.

  • ISP ( Internet Service Provider)

Internet Service Provider is a company that gives you access to the internet for a fee.

  • Cables and Phone Sockets

You need cables to connect your modem to the phone socket and the computer needs to connect to the modem which in turn dials up the ISP using the phone socket.

  • Browser

Browsers are software programs that allow you surf or browse the Internet. A typical example of a browser is the Internet explorer and the Netscape navigator.

More updates on Components for Online Connectivity coming soon.

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