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OnlinePluz gives chance to companies, organizations and any person who has any products and services to showcase to the world through our website by placing a sizable banner for people to get information and have full knowledge about them, call us on +23407067687957 or mail to our inbox @ [email protected].

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    1. Simply enter your email address in the box that says Send me Instant Updates for New Post.

  1. I have accidentally deleted badoo on my blackberry world instead of un installing it. I can’t get the Badoo app on my blackberry or even on my browser via internet or via web address please assist

  2. I can’t sign in to my badoo account for quite sometimes. why? I really need to continue with it, please help!

  3. I am not able to access to my yahoo email due to unable to get key account issue because my hand phone was sent for service, need about 3 to 5 days to collect it back. Kindly help to revert without key account to access to my yahoo account please. Thanks

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