Counselor George Lutterodt Relationship Advice

Counselor George Lutterodt is a Ghanaian counselor. His relationship advice and suggestions would make you wanna squirm.

His full name is Rev.Counselor George Cartensen Lutterodt.  He studied Electrical Engineering at Accra Polytechnic. He also went to Southern Medical University in China where he trained as a Biomedical Clinical Technician. He married Abigail Naa Yeomoley and has two kids a boy and a girl.

Confrontational Counselor George Lutterodt recently reveals that Virgins who masturbate should not describe themselves as Virgins.

This was said in a current interview with Kasapa FM as he was disclosing the rate of masturbating virgins.

He said

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“ We have masturbating virgins and per a research I conducted last year, Christians are more in that range more than anyone else. In the sense that they do not want to have sex with anyone but masturbate to satisfy their sexual desire. These people are not and cannot be described as virgins because they derive the same pleasure like people who have sex.”

He also abused the men who take pains in buying sxx toys for their wife or girlfriends for them to satisfy their sxx desires with the motive of preventing them from committing adultery or cheating on them. For Counselor George Lutterodt, The men are Fools.

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So if you’re still a virgin and in any way or the other you’ve been masturbating or trying to masturbate. My dear you’ve freshly disvirgined Yourself…

Here are some of his “crazy” relationship quotes that would make you think twice and frown:

  • Slap any man who proposes marriage to you in public, it’s an insult!
  • Any man who marries a beautiful woman suffers in bed.
  • If you’re a woman and you date one man for more than two weeks then there is something wrong with you.
  • If you’re a beautiful woman and you walk around and men are afraid to ask you out, buy a big mirror and fix it in your room and cry hard
  • When a man has reached the stage of marriage and his mother and father are afraid to let go, both parents are witches and wizards.
  • Dating is not Relationship
  • Children born out of wedlock are demonic
  • Any married man should be worried if people stio hitting on his wife because it could be the woman is letting herself go or losing her beauty.
  • Women should never contribute to the upkeep of the house. If the chop money is not enough to buy salt, cook without salt.

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  1. This man is surely insane.. He should find a better work

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