How To Create a Windows 10 Recovery Disk

Windows 10 is one very smooth OS that seems to provide users with everything they need to have a great user experience. But one thing about Windows 10 is that it keeps bringing updates that download whether the user wants it or not. however, if anything happens that makes it necessary to reinstall your windows 10 you will need to have a windows 10 recovery disk to do it without losing your files.

Windows 10 recovery disk is a tool that allows you to reinstall windows and also to troubleshoot any problems that you might encounter while using the OS. This is why it is very important for all Windows 10 users to have it.

To Create a Windows 10 Recovery Disk

  • Use the media creation tool

If you used the media creation tool to upgrade your windows, you can use the tool to create install media on a disc or flash drive. It also matters if your pc is 32-bit or 64 bit, check the one your pc is and select the ‘create installation media for another PC’ option.

  • Choose language and version

windows 10 recovery disk

Choose the language or version and make sure that it matches the version that was installed. If correct, your license key will be provided and you can then select 32 bit or 64-bit on the next window. After that, you can then choose if you want to burn a disc a drive for USB. Windows will start the file download automatically and create media.

  • Open settings and create the recovery drive

From the search box you can create recovery by typing it into a search box. After typing select ‘create a recovery drive’ option. You will see a page like the one in the image below. Tick the box and click on Next.

  • Check the size of the flash drive

You need to have a drive of at least 4gb to create a recovery disk. So make sure that you check the space on your drive before you start. Also, note that all your files will be wiped out during the process.

  • Create a recovery drive

You will get a final message that all your files will be deleted as you begin the process. Click create if you want to still proceed. You PC will begin to create the recovery drive, it will take a while, but you will finally see a message that says – the recovery drive is ready. Click on finish and you are done with the process.

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