Cristiano Ronaldo Salary breakdown at Juventus

One of the players that will surely be remembered long after he stops playing football is Cristiano Ronaldo. The 33-year-old has made major history and broken several records in his football career. With his constant motivation to be better, the player takes up new challenges and one of the recent ones is a move form real Madrid to Juventus.

The move was rather sudden although he hinted at it when Madrid lifted the trophy last season. But no one knew it would be that soon. Well, he completed the move and this article is about Cristiano Ronaldo salary breakdown at Juventus.

The football star issued a statement to tank his fans saying his years in Madrid has been the “happiest in his life”.

Cristiano Ronaldo salary breakdown
Below is Cristiano Ronaldo salary breakdown at Juventus;

  • £106,180,616 (€120m) over his four-year deal
  • £26,545,154 (€30m) a year
  • £2,212,096 (€2.5m) a month
  • £510,483 (€576,923) a week
  • £72,925 (€82,417) a day
  • £3,038 (€3,434) an hour
  • £50.64 (€57.23) a minute
  • 84p (€0.95) a second

This simply means that Ronaldo will be earning £3038 for every hour he spends in Turin, whether he is on a football match or not. Even while he is at the pool, eating lunch or nowhere near the pitch, he is still earing that much. It certainly is a very impressive figure, which the Portuguese really deserves.

Meanwhile, after selling Ronaldo, Real Madrid lost the super cup to Atletico Madrid after they suffered a 2-1 defeat. But they seem to be passed that as they won their first league game against Getafe. It’s hard to tell if they have bounced back though with the season just starting.

So we will have to wait and see as the rest of season plays out for the Spanish giant. With Ronaldo already making a name for himself at Juventus, its surely going to be an interesting season.

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