Davido’s Father Net Worth 2017, Luxurious Private Jets, Real estate & Many More

You are about to discover Davido’s father net worth, which made him one of the most successful people in Nigeria and also in Africa at large.

Davido's Father Net WorthHere we shall share with you the father of one of the most prominent Nigeria singers, Dr. Deji Adeleke net worth.

Lot’s of Davido’s fans has been in anticipation to know what is Davido’s father net worth and if he owns expensive aircraft. Well, to find out this and many more about Davido’s Father, kindly read through this post.

Davido’s father net worth

According to Forbes, in 2015, Dr. Deji Adeleke net worth was over 360 million dollars. Currently, Davido’s father net worth is more than 700 million dollars as of the beginning of 2017.


As one of the most influential families in the Yoruba land, his fortune has been increasing over the years. Dr. Deji Adeleke, a very wealthy man has also turned into a great philanthropist.

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Davido's Father Net WorthOut of his cheerfulness, he has donated millions of money to Babcock University, where Davido graduated from. Also, he has as well built Seventh Days Adventist Church.

Davido’s father private jet

Davido’s father owns an expensive private jet, as well as many classy vehicles in his garage. According to experts, Dr. Deji Adeleke purchased his jet for 35 million dollars.

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Over the years, he has successfully invested into: Real estate, Record labels, Securities, Banking sector etc. This has made him a successful businessman not just in Nigeria only, but also in Africa. Currently, Davido’s father net worth is more than 700 million dollars.

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