How To Detect An Original Tecno Phone And Battery

Counterfeit products are fast taking over the market these days. They look exactly like the original and perform the same task, the durability is what disappoints you. However, with these few tips, you’d be able to detect an original Tecno product from the counterfeit.

Due to the high sales of these fake products, Tecno has brought up a solution to combat this problem. Tecno Mobile has created a web page for genuine phone and battery check. This check is very easy, it simply requires the VC, Serial number and Imei number of your Tecno phone. With these three requirements you can know if your Tecno phone or battery is original or not.

How to know an original Tecno phone

  • Visit
  • Enter your IMEI code and VC code in the space provided for it and submit.
  • You will receive a response shortly informing you if the phone is original or not.

Original Tecno Phone

Where to locate the IMEI, VC and serial number on your phone

The Imei number can be located on the packaging box of your Tecno phone

You can also see the Imei number and VC when you remove the battery from the phone.

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A simpler electronial way to get thus code is by dialing *#06# on your Tecno smartphone.

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How to know an original Tecno Phone Battery

  • Visit
  • Enter your SN code in the relevant field and submit.
  • You will receive a response shortly informing you if the phone is original or not.

Where to see the Serial Number in Tecno’s Battery

Remove the battery from your Tecno Phone. Scrutinize it carefully and you will see the serial number on the body. .

Having known these free tricks, you are free to buy any Tecno phone without being unsure of the guarantee.
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