Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) Packages, Decoders and Features

Digital Satellite Television

Digital Satellite Television – DSTV is a MultiChoice’s digital satellite TV service in Africa, launched in 1995, that offers general entertainment, movies, lifestyle & culture, sport, documentaries, news & commerce, children, music, religion and consumer channels to MultiChoice subscribers.

DStv has around 6.7 million customers with the majority being in South Africa (around 4.5 million) and Nigeria (around 2 million).


DSTV offer the following Packages:

DSTV Premium

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DSTV Extra

DSTV Compact

DSTV Family

DSTV Access

DSTV EasyView

DSTV North Indian

DSTV South Indian

DSTV Mobile

DSTV Portuguesa

DSTV Mobile DVBH and Bomba

DSTV Video Technology (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X only)

DSTV Indian

Types of DSTV Decoders

DSTV has a range of decoders (set- top boxes) manufactured by Altech UEC and Pace. The latest decoders allow subscribers to use XtraView. This allows a subscriber to link two decoders under a single subscription fee, to increase the viewing environments

Standard decoder

The Standard Decoder is DStv’s entry level single view decoder, manufactured by Altech UEC. It has XtraView capability, where it can be linked to itself or the HD PVR.


The explora, released in 2013 is DSTV’s top spec decoder, improving on the old HD PVR decoder with more memory. It can record record 1 channel and watch 1 channel.

Drifta decoder

A Drifta is a mobile decoder that receives a DVB-H signal, converts it into Wi-Fi, then relays it to a Wi-Fi enabled viewing device: cellphone, laptop, PC, tablets and most smartphones.

Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) Features

1. Broadcast Mobile TV on your PC, Smartphone or Tablet

2. Connects to your device via Wi-Fi or USB

3. Small, light-weight and ultra portable

4. Access the Mobile TV Guide

5. Rechargeable with up to three hours of viewing

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