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Microsoft Office consists of server software, services developed by Microsoft and client software. Microsoft is initially a term in marketing for an office suite. The first ever version of Microsoft office contained Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Currently, office applications have grown noticeably closer with shared tools such as OLE data integration, common spell checker and visual basics for applications scripting language. This service is a popular one as it used by over a billion people over the world, Microsoft Office is available in 102 languages.

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Microsoft office includes desktop applications and on this page, we shall list the type of Microsoft Office apps which are available on the desktop.

Microsoft Office Available As Desktop Applications – Microsoft Office Apps

  • Microsoft Excel: This is a spreadsheet editor that competed with dominant lotus 1-2-3 and eventually outsold it. The first version of this office was released in the year 1985 then the first windows version in November 1987.
  • Microsoft One Note: This is a free form note taking a program for windows operating system.
  • Microsoft Access: This App is a database management solution for Windows operating system.
  • Windows 8 apps: This consist of office applications like word and excel have tiles pinned to the start screen of Windows RT and Windows 8 by default.
  • Microsoft Word: A word processor included in Microsoft office, Which was first introduced in a word for windows in 2007.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Users can use this presentation program to create slideshows composed of text, graphics and other objects which can be displayed on a screen and printed out on slides, its also transparencies and its shown by the presenter.
  • Microsoft Outlook: A personal information manager that substitutes Microsoft mail, windows messaging. It includes a task manager, email client, calendar and address book.
  • Microsoft Teams: A platform that combines workplace chat, notes, meeting, attachment. It was once announced by Microsoft that teams would eventually replace Skype for business.
  • Office Mobile for Android: It includes word for android, excels for android and PowerPoint for android. These apps are obtainable to download for free and with the help of office 365 plans you can edit and create documents on your android device.

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