Download Quickteller App Latest Version for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

You are about to Download Quickteller App Latest Version for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone. Quickteller App is an app launched and powered by Interswitch Nigeria limited, a payment solution which can be used in Mobile phones. You can conveniently send money, buy airtime, make payments and receive money on the go with Quickteller App, irrespective of your location.

With Quickteller Mobile App downloaded and installed on your mobile phone, you will be able to make Payments to all the merchants and businesses available on which includes: GoTv, DSTV, Swift Internet, ipNX internet, Airtel Postpaid, PHCN, and much more.

The best about this App is that Quickteller App Latest Version is available for all kind of Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows Phones smartphone. It’s just one of the easiest way to buy airtime, make payments & send money with your ‘ATM’ card.

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How To access Quickteller?

Before you can access this awesome service, first you need to create an account with Quickteller. The whole process is very easy and simple as creating an email account and it can be done in two (2) ways:

  • By using their web application at
  • By downloading a native app to your mobile device.

So let’s see how you can download the Quickteller App on your smartphone.

To Download Quickteller App Latest Version for Android Device:

  • On your Android device, go to Google’s play store.
  • Type “Quick Teller mobile app” in the search box and tap ‘search’
  • The Quick teller mobile application for Android will be displayed in the search result.
  • Tap download to start downloading the App, after that, Install the App and you are done.

To Download Quickteller App on your Apple device or any iOS:

  • From your iPhone or iPad, go to the App store.
  • When you are on app store, type in “Quick Teller mobile app” and click search
  • Then the app store will display your quick teller app.
  • Tap on it to download and install it on your device.

Why Using Quickteller App on your Phone

  1. QuickTeller mobile app makes bill payment easy and fast.
  2. Quickly purchase airtime
  3. Funding your mobile money wallet is easy with QuickTeller
  4. Check your mobile banking account balance
  5. Generate SafeToken for secure online transactions on WebPAY.

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