Download Zoto App For Easy Recharge & Paying Of Bills

Buying recharge card from traffic or looking for stalls can be very stressful. You might also lose some amount of money as hidden charges when you buy from some online platform. However, there is an easy and faster way to purchase that recharge card just by downloading an app. The app also provides you with first-timers bonus and host a whole lot of other bonus campaigns that benefits its users. That app is Zoto.

Zoto is a made in Nigerian app that solves so many problems. The app comes with a recharge feature, you can pay bills on it and even fund subscription within the confines fi it. With this, you can sit down comfortably or lie down in your room and be able to make all the transactions that would normally make you run around for the day. The app can be download and all you need to do is just to allow the simple steps below.

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Zoto App

To start using the Zoto App

  • Go to play store on android and app store on any IOS device
  • Search for ‘zoto’, and download the app.
  • Install the application for android device.
  • Open the app and sign up using your phone number.

Features of Zoto App

  • Paying electricity bills
  • Buying recharge card
  • Paying Dstv and Gotv subscription
  • Payment of toll fee and recharging betting accounts

When you sign up for zoto you are given a bonus on your first recharge. You also get a bonus when you refer a friend, you will be given a referral code for this. There are also bonuses for using each feature of the app.

So if you are ready to be loaded with bonus with every recharge, sign up for zoto now by downloading the app from the app store of your phone.

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