Early Signs of Diabetes You Should Watch Out For – Number 5 Will Shock You

In most patient’s diabetes usually go undetected for a very long period of time. It is usually stumbled about accidentally during a medical checkup or when the symptoms have gotten so severe that it starts to reveal itself outside the patient body. But it is quite possible to catch it in its early stages and the early signs of diabetes are exactly what we are going to be writing about in this article.

Diabetes is usually caused by sugar level that is higher than normal in the body. This usually makes the body short of insulin, which makes the body fatigued for lack of energy. There are basically two types of diabetes but the both of them have some of the same features. With this symptoms, you can easily go and check if you are having too much sugar in your body system and might result in full-blown diabetes.

Early Signs of Diabetes

1. Frequent need to pee and drink fluids

Since the kidney can no longer reabsorb as much glucose as its supposed to. You will urinate more and also need to take more water. Averagely, a normal person pee between 4 to seven times a day. But someone with diabetes actually pees a lot more and easily feels dehydrated.

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2. Feeling more fatigued and hungry

If you feel more tired than you usually do, it might be because of stress or maybe you just have a lot on your mind. however, it could also be that your body cells do not have enough insulin to bring glucose in or they are resistant to the insulin your body secretes. This will cause you to lack energy.

3. Unclear vision

Because of the frequent change of the fluid in your body, your lenses can swell up. This will cause the lenses in the eyes to swell and so you might lose the ability to focus.

Other symptoms that you might notice include;

  • Skin Itch
  • Dry mouth

Other symptoms that can be noticed as the diabetes progress include;

4. Infections between fingers and toes or around sex organs

5. Slow-healing sores and cuts

6. Numbness or pain in your legs

7. Sweet breath

8. Bellyache

Once you start feeling some or multiple of these early signs of diabetes or symptoms at the same time. It is best to contact your doctor, as diabetes is easier to prevent than cure.

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