Easy Way To Activate Citi Cards Online at www.citi.com/activate

Here in this article is a simple step guide instruction on how you can easily Activate Citi Cards Online by visiting www.citi.com/activate with any device connected to the internet. Provided you have been approved and receive your card, the next step in line is to quickly activate your card. That is why we have written this post to guide you through the whole process of activating your new Citi Cards Online.

Citibank provides more than 20 kinds of credit and debit cards for customers to apply depending on the one that suits their need. Each of the cards offered by Citibank has its own advantages. They include:

  • No annual fee
  • 0% intro APR on purchase for 12 months
  • Thank You Points.

With your Citi cards, it’s very easy to make a purchase, manage your account conveniently online and as well enjoy the promotions. Provided you have successfully activated your Citi Card online, you can make a purchase, transfer balances, check your Thank You Points and special offers.

Activating your card at www.citi.com/activate is very easy and simple. It can be completed within few minutes. With any device connected to the internet, you are good to go. Now, let’s go through the process which is straightforward.

Step Guide To Activate Citi Cards Online at www.citi.com/activate

If you wish to activate your new Citi card online, follow the outlined detailed instruction below.

  1. Go to www.citi.com/activate
  2. Once the homepage opens, type in your new card number, click on the “Continue” button to proceedwww.citi.com/activate
  3. Next, kindly enter your name, as it appears on the card
  4. After that, type in your security code, security word and click on “Activate”.
  5. Now, the activation process will be completed.

NOTE: For your account security, ensure you do not use any public or shared computer when managing your ATM or Debit card.

IF you have any inquiries or you face any challenge during the activation process, kindly use the comment box section below to get to us, and we shall help you out as soon as possible.

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