Easy Way To Download Music From Spotify Using Pc, iOS and Android

Looking for how to Download Music From Spotify? then keep reading this article for easy step guide to download Spotify music using your PC, iOS and as well your Andriod smartphone. Here, you will quickly learn the simple steps to download and save your music from Spotify, which is also available to Spotify Premium customers.

If you wish to download songs from Spotify for offline listening without an internet connection, follow the easy detailed process below.

Spotify is available for all kinds of mobile devices like android, iOS and windows phones. So, Android smartphone users can download it from the Google Play Store, while iOS device users can as well download from Apple Store.

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Currently, you can only download Spotify music when you subscribe to Spotify Premium which cost £9.99 per month after a free 30 days trial. Furthermore, you either download an entire album or save the track to a playlist, which you can then download for offline listening.

To Download Music From Spotify Using PC

  • Using your PC, log into your account and go to your playlists or library.
  • Choose a playlist or select a podcast or album you like.
  • Now, switch the “Download” toggle button to on, and your playlist will automatically start to download for offline listening.
  • Once you’ve downloaded your selected playlists, open your computer’s Spotify app and click File in the top-left corner.
  • Choose the Offline Mode option and the playlists will be available for listening.

How To Download Music From Spotify For iOS and Android Users

The whole process for downloading songs from Spotify on your phone is similar to that of Pc.

  • All you have to do is to navigate to the desired playlist you would like to download and switch the “Download” button on.
  • Once your selected music has finished downloading, simply open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet.
  • Tap the settings wheel in the top-right corner of Your Library.
  • Turn the toggle button for Offline Mode on, and your music will be available to listen to offline.
  • Ensure you have enough storage capacity on your phone before proceeding to download music from Spotify.

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