Ebola Fight: More Health Staff Needed – WHO

The head of Health Agency in world Health Organization (WHO) Margaret Chan, has called for more international medical workers to fight the Ebola Virus which has killed over 2400 people.

Margaret made this known in a news conference in Geneva today that the Virus outbreak needs a stronger, faster response from the international community.

“The number is moving faster as of 12 September, the cases were 4,784 and more than 2400 death rate in the most hit countries.” said by Chan.

World Health Organization has recorded another 500 foreign health professionals and around 1,000 local doctors and nurses are needed to stop Ebola’s fatal surge through West Africa.

Cuba has promised to send 165 doctors and nurses to Sierra Leone,where the virus has take 500 lives.

The UN has pledged that it’s peacekeeping force in the worst affected countries like Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, would stand the course against Ebola fight.

Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales Ojeda has said that the 62 doctors and 103 nurses are going to start their mission from the first week of October and remain for six mouths in Sierra Leone.

Ebola is a deadly hemorrhagic fever whose symptoms are diarrhea, bleeding and vomiting. The virus spread through direct contact with infected person, sweat or feces. It can also be contacted by handling of contaminated corpses.


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