Ebola Scares: Sierra Leon Lock Down for 3 Days to Purse Ebola Outbreak

Sierra Leon president Ernest Bai Krorom has urged the all residents to comply with the emergency measures as there began a three-day lockdown on Friday in an effort to purse the spread of the Ebola virus.

“These are extraordinary times and extraordinary times needs extraordinary measures. Today, the life of everyone is at stake, and we need to get over it if everyone do what is required to be done.”said by Ernest.

Every streets in the normally bustling seaside capital Freetown were scanty, barring vehicles carrying police officers and major health workers. Radio stations broadcast Ebola awareness, repeating and begging and encouraging residents to remain indoors.

Not more than 530 people has been killed by this deadly virus in Sierra Leone and about 30,000 health workers, volunteers aim to visit every single household in the country that has up to six million people in just three days to educate them.

The teams were off to start on Friday, with volunteers at the Murray Town Health Center in Freetown said they had their kits containing soup, stickers and flyers.

“Food prices have gone up to 30%. many homes that can not afford food are starving said by Ahmed¬† Nonah, executive secretary of Sierra Leone’s chamber of Agriculture. This morning, many families are calling on the radio station crying because of lack of food in their homes.” due to Sierra Leon¬† lock down.

An official for the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF, Roeland Monasch, said that the “Ose to Ose” campaign, ( house to house ) in Local Krio, would be helpful.

“If people don’t have access to the right information, we need to bring life saving messages to them, where they live at their door steps,” he said.







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