How to Edit Facebook Profile – Edit Facebook Profile

With the practical steps which am about to show you in this article, you will know how to Edit Facebook Profile. Your Facebook profile is your most valuable asset when it comes to Facebook. This is the only means you are being identified on Facebook. So, to Edit your Facebook Profile is a very important discussion when it comes to things concerning Facebook.

With your Facebook profile, you do not have to do some really great exploit for your name to get on the web. This is because your Profile tells all about you.

It is very important that you update your Facebook your profile up to 100%. This is for the purpose of auto-suggestion. This auto-suggests help you connect with users you share some similarities with on your profile like; High-school, Place of work, relationship status, College etc.

Remember, to create a Facebook account is Free. After that, you really need to update your Facebook profile, in order to enjoy the best of Facebook. You can see the reason why your profile is important.

Importance of Facebook Profile

The reasons for Facebook Profile include the following:

  • Easier identification
  • Easy connectivity
  • Auto-suggestions
  • Accessible information’s about you

Now, permit me to take you through on the practical steps to follow on how you can Edit your Facebook Profile.

Step-by-Step Guide To Edit Facebook Profile

1. Go to and Login to your Facebook account

2. kindly tap on your profile.

How to Edit Facebook Profile

3. Now, below your profile, click on ‘update info’. (If you are using Facebook app you will see the option with ‘Edit details’ just below your profile details)

4. Select/choose the area you wish to edit

5. Edit it and click save to update your profile.

As for your profile picture and cover picture, you will see the title ‘Edit’ on it. So for that, you may not need to follow the steps listed above.

Recently, Facebook has pinpoint or presented the update info to you on your Facebook profile so that you will enjoy a great Facebook environment, as users can easily identify you. Therefore, Facebook will always notify you about your Profile if it’s not up to a 100%.

I so much believe that you truly understand how to Edit Facebook Profile knowing the importance of Facebook Profile. So, kindly share this on your Facebook account to help inform others.

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