Effortless Ways To Make Essential Body Ointments

Easy Ways To Make Essential Body Ointments.

Body ointments are natural body creams. There are habitually applied to the skin and hair. They help the body with the essential nutrients it needs to keep fit and lively. It moistens, nourishes and makes the body lovely to look at.

Effortless Ways To Make Essential Body Ointments

Here’s a list of some necessary body ointments and the best way you can go about making them.

  1. Bar Soap
  2. Hair Cream
  3. Pomade

Ways To Make Essential Body Ointments

Bar soaps are basic requirements in our daily purchase. Constructing your own soap is very quite easy. Asides from being easy it’s very creative, prudent and original. Making your own soap makes it healthier and gives one a feeling of achievement and pride.

You get to add your type of scent and make the soap the way you feel like. It’s worth the trial. Strictly follow the steps below to achieve your home made soap.

The Ingredients needed to achieve this include;

  • Perfume (Any scent you desire)
  • 2 kilo of Caustic Soda
  • Caustic Silicate(2 milk cups)
  • Palm oil (4 milk cups)
  • Light ash (4 tablespoons)
  • 2 bottles of water

Preparation Techniques

Measure the caustic soda in a bowl, add the 2 bottles of water and leave them in a bowl for a day to dissolve.

Mix palm oil with colour then turn the mixture of the warmed oil into the caustic soda then stir gently.

Put three cups of caustic silicate and 4 spoonful of light ash together with perfume then you mix. Put it in a moulding material and leave it to become hard, then cut to your desired shapes and sizes.

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Ways To Make Essential Body Ointments

This is a cream used to improve and style the hair. Having a nourishing hair cream is something worth the time. The moisturizing and nourishing content all depends on the ingredient you use to make the soap.

In order to achieve a nutritious and healthy hair cream, follow the steps below;

The Ingredients needed to achieve this include;

  • 4-6 cups of petroleum jelly
  • 1/3 stremic acid
  • Glycerine or Iodine
  • 8 cups of paraffin oil
  • Paraffin wax
  • Industrial camphor
  • ½ KG of candle
  • Desired colour
  • Desired fragrance

Effortless Ways To Make Essential Body Ointments

Preparation Techniques

  1. Heat the pot on the fire
  2. Pour in your paraffin wax, paraffin and petroleum jelly, stremic acid. And color
  3. Put down the pot from the fire
  4. Allow to cool
  5. Add the glycerine or Iodine, camphor and fragrance
  6. Pour into your container
  7. And you’re good to go!

This is usually a greasy substance that adds style to our hair. Pomade gives the hair the look of a shiny, slick appearance, and it’s lasts longer on the hair than the normal hair cream. It protects the hair from getting dry. This is a simple technique on how you can comfortable make your pomade at your house.

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The ingredients for this include;

  • Two quarter spoonful of your desired colourant
  • 3 spoonful perfume of your desired scent
  • 2 spoonful of flushing oil
  • Two quarter spoonful of lanolin
  • 11 spoonful of jelly
  • 3 spoonful of wax

Preparation Techniques

  1. Put your pot on fire
  2. Pour in the wax and dry it
  3. Put the petroleum jelly and stir it
  4. Pour the flushing oil and stir it
  5. Add the lanolin and stir gently
  6. Add your colourant
  7. Put it down to cool
  8. Pour in your perfume and mix
  9. Pour it into your containers
  10. And Viola, your pomade is ready for use!

In addition to Effortless Ways To Make Essential Body Ointments, it is important that you also know how to make your shoe polish. With this, you save money you spend on your shoe polish.


This is a waxy paste originally used to polish and shine your shoes. Polish is also used for extending the life of your shoes and it’s restores, maintains and improves the appearance of our shoes. It is a basic nutrient we need to purchase for our foot wears. A polished shoe looks really great and lasts longer

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Making a shoe polish is one of the easiest things to embark one. The advantage of learning how to make this is that it saves your money, and it uses few chemicals making it healthy and all-natural.

Follow these easy steps and start making your own shoe polish.

The ingredients needed to make this include;

  • Bee wax
  • Turpentine
  • A stove and pot

Preparation Techniques

  1. Light your stove and place your pot on it.
  2. Allow the bee wax to dissolve
  3. Add the turpentine (It should be done on low heat)
  4. Allow to cool.

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