Employee Kills 3, Shoots Himself On Head At San Francisco UPS Company

On Wednesday an employee killed three people in San Francisco at a UPS facility.  He is known as Kerry Joe Tesney, 45 years old and a father of two. He killed them then shot himself afterwards.

Kerry Tesney, 45

Some workers sought refuge on the roof of the 4 story building while the others ran outside hiding by the buses .

The shooting prompted massive police response in the city’s industrial neighborhoods and two other UPS employees (United Parcel Service) were wounded in the shooting.

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According to researches gathered on this case, the UPS driver Kerry Joe Tesney was officially fired from his post on Monday. He returned to the warehouse wearing his uniform and gunned  down his former colleagues before killing himself.

According to the Assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin,  the two other people that were shot survived. The gunmen fatally shot himself when he was confronted by the police.

The names of the gunmen and victims are however still withheld. The site of the shooting was in Potrero Hill area, a highly residential neighborhood.

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The shooter started out at about 8:55 a.m at the UPS San Francisco Customer Center which is a couple of blocks east of Franklin Square. Reports say that although the suspect was wearing a UPS uniform, investigators are still to confirm whether he was an employee or yet.

Also it was also recorded that there was no indication the shooting was terror-related.

An eye witness called Michelle who didn’t want to provide her last name explained that they had told er to rum because there had been a shooting. In her words she said;

“I was confused. They crossed the street and when they got to me, they said Run, there is a shooter. ” so I started to run with them. Several of them said it was a driver they worked with who had a gun and opened fire. I feel terrible for the people hurt and for the UPS team that was there but survived.

Antonio Salic, another eye witness told CNN that he was working in a house across from the UPS building when he heard shots fired.

“I peeked out the window, I saw people getting out of the building and they were wounded. A lot of people were running. ”

In a stated, UPS also reported that the company wasn’t so sure of the status of the survivors who were taken to the hospital. They also expressed their sadness and sympathy about the affected employees and family members.

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