English Premier League Managers Who Drive The Best Cars

English Premier League Managers Who Drive The Best Cars

The English premier league is undoubtedly the leading league when it comes to club football and this is also evident in their lifestyles. Today we are going to be looking at the top coaches on this league side and the cars they drive;

  • Pep Guardiola

The coach of Manchester City, who is known to be the most successful coaches on the premier league table this season with his team remaining unbeaten in their last 18 games. He rides in style and owns a car that worth £200,000. The car is the Bentley GTX700.

It has a v-8 engine and is the envy of his squad at the city. He earns a salary of £15.3 million euro and is rumored to be asking for a raise.

  • Jose Mourinho

With an earning of £15m per year, the Manchester United boss doesn’t feel the need to drive and is chauffeur-driven in a limo to the training grounds.

The man-u manager owns a Jaguar F-Pace that is worth £34,000, but he prefers to focus on plans for his training while en route so he doesn’t want to bother about the road on training day.

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  • Arsene Wenger

The Arsenal manager loves to live luxuriously and has chosen to own a £60,000 XJ range jaguar.

This choice of lifestyle is rather surprising since he loves to see his team play with attacking flair on their budget.

  • Sam Allardyce

Everton manager, Sam Allardyce drives a Bentley that was purchased at an auction. The car cost around £100,000 for the brand new version, but the price the Everton manager paid for his, is unknown.

And although he is reported to be on a £100,000 contract in Everton, he hasn’t thought of an upgrade for his car yet.

  • Alan Pardew

West Bromwich coach is a range rover man and he owns a range rover évoque that has a starting price of £31,000. The range rover is his current car, but not the flashiest he has been seen to drive.

The West Brom manager once drove a Bentley Continental GT that was a cost to be around £155,000. He certainly is living up to his pay packet of £1.5m.

So far, that was just a few of the manager of the English premier league clubs and the car they drive. We will be bringing you info about other coach and their rides pretty soon. Meanwhile, the comment box is open for you to drop your say about English Premier League Managers ride. Please do share.

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