Awful Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water You Never Knew

We tend to have this natural likeness for cold water especially after  a hectic day or after engaging in a stressful  and nerve-racking activity under the scorching sun. To refresh and cool our body, we need some cold drinks or water.Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water

Cold water is desired by everybody and I am not an exception, but we need to understand the disadvantages of this and reduce the rate at which we take cold drinks frequently.

In as much as cold water has many health benefit, repeated intake can only give temporarily relief. And the continuous drinking of ice and cold water can also be detrimental to the health if proper caution is not taken and recognized.

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According to the law of nature, our ideal body temperature is about 98.8 degrees. If the temperature of the body is raised to a few degrees, the body begins to show symptoms of distress, which is later seen as fever.

Studies have also shown that regular intake of cold water can be harmful to the heart and the digestive system. According to food and healthy living experts, the degree of temperature at which cold water is, contradicts the total temperature within the body system.

Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water You Never Knew

Here are some tested reasons as why we should not take Cold Water.

1. INDIGESTION: Regular drinking of ice or cold water makes the blood vessels shrink, consequently hindering the process of food digestion. This can hamper the process of digestion and when the food are not properly digested, it also leads to loss of nutrients in the body system.

2. SORE THROAT: Regular drinking of cold water can lead to the accumulation of respiratory mucosa, which protects the layer of the respiratory tracts.

The congestion of this layer exposes the respiratory tract and makes it vulnerable to different infections, consequently leading to sore throat. This is a very uncomfortable situation you wouldn’t pray to be in.

3. LOSS OF NUTRIENTS: The normal temperature of the body is 37o C and when you drink cold water that is at a very low temperature, it compels your body to regulate its temperature by releasing extra energy.

This spent energy is expected to aid digestion and absorb nutrients, thus it rather  leaves the body short of nutrients.

4. DECREASES HEART RATE: Constant or excessive drinking of ice or cold water decreases the heart rate. Studies have shown that drinking of cold water stimulates the vague nerve. The vague nerve assist the lowering of the heart rate and the low temperature caused by drinking cold water act as a stimulus to the nerve which slows the heart rate.

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In summary, it is advisable you drink water at normal temperature. The sensitivity of the brain to change in temperature makes it to freeze when one takes cold water at first. Also, it is important to note that such continuous seizure is not good for the brain.

This is the sole reason why people are advised not to take drugs with cold water. You won’t get the best of the drugs because the water will not dissolve on time, which means the drugs will not digest on time.

Think Twice, Drink Safely!

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