Facebook Shortcut Keys To Enjoy the Most Of Facebook

Facebook Shortcut Keys To Enjoy the Most Of Facebook – Facebook is one of the most browsed website with 850 Million active users around the world, Can you imagine how popular and famous this social Networking site is.I just discovered some of Facebook shortcut Keys that will help you to browse Facebook very quickly, and right now i will share them with you, so that you will also enjoy the best of Facebook.

Facebook Shortcut KeysThese keyboard shortcuts will helps you to do things quickly. Now below are the list of  Facebook keyboard shortcuts which will help you enjoy your time Facebook.

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Facebook Shortcut Keys To Enjoy the Most Of Facebook

  1. Go to search box – alt + /
  2. Send a new message – alt + m
  3. Home page – alt + 1
  4. Profile page – alt + 2
  5. Accept or deny friend request – alt + 3
  6. Go to messages page – alt + 4
  7. See notifications – alt + 5
  8. Go to account settings – alt + 6
  9. Go to privacy settings – alt + 7
  10. Go to the Facebook fan page – alt + 8
  11. See Terms and Conditions of Facebook – alt + 9

I hope that it will be very useful to you. Note that when ever you want to use these Facebook shortcuts keys on Firefox you need to use the Shift key with the shortcuts.

Always feel free to use the comment box to let us know if you these Facebook Shortcut Keys spice up your FB experience, and don’t forget to share it to your friends and loved once on Facebook. Thanks

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