Fatal Accident Killed 33 Children in Tanzania With 3 Adults

Fatal Accident Killed 33 Children in Tanzania on Saturday, in the city of Arusha in Tanzania’s Northern District. A school bus filled with students veered off a sharp road and fell into a deep gully killing 36 people- 33 children and two adults.

The students were primary school students ranging from the age of 12 – 13 years. It was reported that the students were on their way to write an exam before the accident occurred.

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The only two student that survived the accident were gravely injured. Authorities are doubtful about what caused the accident.

Fatal Accident Killed 33 Children in TanzaniaThe Aruba Police Commander, Charles Mkumbo states that it was raining and the accident happened in a hill with a steep slope. He guessed that perhaps the driver was new or there was a mechanical defect in the vehicle. Of which it might caused the accident.

Investigators are trying to find out the cause of the accident, especially what led to the bus leaving the road.

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