Fifa World Cup 2018 Referees Salaries – World Cup 2018 Referees

The table below shows the Fifa World Cup 2018 Referees Salaries. Just as the World Cup 2018 Referees that would officiate World Cup 2018 games in March has been released, we have also revealed the World Cup 2018 Referees Salaries so you know how much each Referee from the tournament.

Just as the 2018 Fifa World Cup tournament will kick off in March, Fifa has officially selected the referees from the six continental federations that operate under FIFA’s umbrella.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Referees Salaries

The selection was based on each referee’s skills and personality, as well as his level of understanding of football and ability to read both the game and the various tactics employed by teams.

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World Cup 2018 referee confederation breakdown

Confederation Number of referees

Normally, there is three members team of officials present in the stadium, two lines-man one on right side and another left side. Both of them help match official during the match about corners, free-kicks, and fouls conceded by the players. So, for the insight on how referees and assistants will be compensated for 2018 World Cup, below are the 2018 Fifa World Cup Referees Salaries list.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Referees Salaries

Names of Referee Category Tournament Fees Nationality
1 Cüneyt CAKIR Elite Panel $70,000 Turkey
2 Felix BRYCH Elite Panel $70,000 Germany
3 Sergey KARASEV Elite Panel $70,000 Russia
4 Bjorn KUIPERS Elite Panel $70,000 Netherlands
5 Szymon MARCINIAK Elite Panel $70,000 Poland
6 Antonio Miguel MATEU LAHOZ Elite Panel $70,000 Spain
7 Milorad MAZIC Elite Panel $70,000 Serbia
8 Gianluca ROCCHI Elite Panel $70,000 Italy
9 Damir SKOMINA Elite Panel $70,000 Russia
10 Clement TURPIN Elite Panel $70,000 France
11 Julio BASCUÑAN Elite Panel $70,000 Chile
12 Enrique CACERES Elite Panel $70,000 Paraguay
13 Andres CUNHA Elite Panel $70,000 Uruguay
14 Sandro RICCI Elite Panel $70,000 Brazil
15 Nestor PITANA Elite Panel $70,000 Argentina
16 Jair MARRUFO Elite Panel $70,000 United States

How Much Does World Cup 2018 Referees Earn?

In 2010 and 2014 world cup tournaments, referees earn a maximum of $50k in the tournament. In 2018, referees earn $70k from the tournament only those who make most appearances in the world cup 2018 matches. The lines-man earns up to $25k in world cup 2018 for their duties.

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