5 Bad Habits To Avoid After Meal

Habits To Avoid After Meal

There are some habits we do after eating without knowing the negative repercussion of such habits. Here are few of the habits we are used to. It is quite amazing to know that some people don’t even know that it is unhealthy to drink water immediately after meals.

This is rather strange. But apart from avoiding the in-take of water immediately after meals, there are numerous other things you should avoid immediately after your meals for a better health.

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5 Bad Habits To Avoid After Meal

Here are some of the things many people are guilty of and is important to avoid after eating.

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Research showed that smoking immediately after eating is tantamount to smoking ten cigarettes at a stretch. Scientists warn that smoking cigarette right after a meal accelerate the risk of lung and bowl cancer and it also slows down your metabolism.


Drinking of tea immediately after dinner can disrupt the iron absorption in your body. Researchers have also found out that drinking tea during meals reduces the availability of catechins to the body


Eating fruit immediately after meal can lead to heartburn, indigestion and burping. Also developing the habit of eating something after meal will put you at a higher risk of weight gain and a fruit has an average or three times the calorie count of most vegetables.

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Adequate sleep is essential to the body, but sleeping immediately after meal can make the body to experience discomfort and bloating. According to research, lying down immediately after meal can disrupt the digestion process and can also cause acid reflux.


Taking a shower immediately after a meal can hinder the proper flow of blood which is needed to be stimulated towards the stomach for proper digestion of food.

The blood flow is diverted towards your legs and hands when you take a shower immediately after meal and this hinders adequate digestion.

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