Five Things To Do To Boost Your Mood Today

Five Instant Mood Boosters

Occasionally, people find themselves in a mood swing that involves feeling low in strength and confidence. Here are some simple practical suggestions to improve your mood when you feel a little bit flat.

  1. Try Fixing something that is broken

Many of us have some wrecked things in our home or offices. These broken things probably stayed there because you never had time or made time to look into it. Looking into these wrecked objects when your mood is flat is as simple as changing a light bulb that needs replacing.

Tackling a problem that has been hanging around can help you feel more in control and heightens your mood.  Spiritually, repairing something in the physical world can help repair a sense of fragile emotions.

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  1. Handle A Task You Bypass Everyday

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Most times because you are pretty much occupied, there are little task that you keep ignoring or bypassing every day. Tasks of this description may include; checking the water or oil level in the car. Also attending a child dedication ceremony or a random friend’s wedding. All these task, you really don’t look into them when you’re in a good time, try doing them when you get into a mood swing. Surely, you’d have a lot of these tasks piled up, take up one and get something done.

  1. Finish a task you started and never got back to finish

Most times we take up a task and don’t get to finish it. To lighten your mood, you can identify a task you started but couldn’t finished where getting it completed would take not more than thirty minutes.

For  example, if you started cleaning your kitchen cupboard and started arranging the items in it  but couldn’t finish it five months ago, you could go back to this task.

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  1. Do something for yourself that keeps getting shoved to the end of your to-do list.

Often times, we often have small tasks you may want to do for yourself that repeatedly get de-prioritized in favor of other “most important” events. An example could be tasks like “buy tank tops” sitting around on my mental to-do list for months, until it’s no longer tank top season.

Get a mood boost by prioritizing a task that’s for you, whether it’s replacing old pillows, getting to the hairdresser, trying the new restaurant in town you’ve been wanting to check out, or getting that massage you’ve been craving for a while.

  1. Try communicating with someone you care about who you haven’t spoken with in a while.

Rightly, when you ignore or don’t call or email someone and then months pass by, it can feel awkward getting back to that person. Well, trust me just do it.

Most people understand that if you’re making the effort to get in touch, you care but probably was too occupied with your other priorities and responsibilities to get back in touch earlier.  When you do re-connect, this could  relieve your anxiety about not having contacted that person, and give you a boost of feeling socially bonded to people who matter to you.

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