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The world woke up on Monday morning to the news that former Arsenal player and Ivorian star, Emmanuel Eboue has committed suicide. It was a very sad news, or so it seems at the time. It was also reported that he was found in a room in sister’s home at north London hanging languidly from a rope which was tied to his neck.

Several people called it suicide as the player has been suffering from an undisclosed health-related issue for a while and he had also been stripped of everything that he ever owned in a very devastating divorce with his ex-wife.

The news was widely spread and in less than three hours people were already singing condolence song for the ex-arsenal star. But we have received news that the story is false as the ex-arsenal star was said to be in his home on Ivory Coast today and is alive.

He is currently reported to be at a football tournament organized by Ben Adame as he is on vacation there.

The reason that the news was entirely believable was due to what has been recently happening to Eboue. He has lost everything including his house and all his cars to his ex-wife Auralie in a bitter divorce. He was also seen inside public transport and made mention of it himself that he sleeps on a couch in his friend’s living room.

The player’s problem does not end there as he also received one-year ban following accusations that he didn’t pay a former agent.

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It was public knowledge that he is currently contemplating suicide as even a deal that was supposed to make him secure a deal with Cyprus fell through due to ‘medical problems’.

In case you don’t know him. Emmanuel Eboue is a former Arsenal star and Ivory Coast international player. He spent most of his career in Arsenal and moved to Galatasaray in 2011 where he received five domestic honors in turkey and also briefly spent some time in Sunderland.

The player played for his country at five Africa cup of nation’s tournament and two world cup. Although he has not officially released any statement, the evidence points to the fact that he is well alive.

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