FUNAI 2015 Post UME Form – Know Your Admission Chances

FUNAI 2015 Post UME Form Even as we are waiting for the release of FUNAI 2015 Post UME Form, It’s quite good you know your chance of getting admission into
Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo, Ebonyi State.

Your chance of getting admission into funia depends on the following:
1. Jamb cutoff mark

 Let’s start with the Jamb cut-off mark for the institution which is 180. Only candidate that scored 180 and above in their Jamb are eligible to apply for the post utme. But what if you scored 178 ? Does it mean there’s no hope? (It’s just a question). Can we do a little logic to answer that question?
The FUNAI post utme form is sold for #2000 only. What will you call it if you go and apply for the post utme.since you can afford it. Is it a risk or a trial? It isn’t a risk. No body will arrest you for applying while you scored less than 180. This is a secret. There are quit some FUNAI students who scored less than 180 yet they are undergraduates now in FUNAI. You too can make that trial if you are in that shoe.

2. Post Utme Cut-off Mark

The Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo post utme cut off mark is 200. Conventionally, when candidates cross 200 in the Post utme, they feel like “I’ve made it!” While those who mark is below 200 goes back to their shell contemplating on their ‘failure’.
Majorly, the score that is more significant in FUNAI admission is the AVERAGE. Let’s see what determines your average and how they calculate it.
(Jamb Score + Post Utme Score)/2 = AVERAGE

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FUNAI 2015 Post UME Form –  Know Your Admission Chances

Last year (2014) most people whose names came out in the first admission list had average of about 250 to 270 or above.
A Jamb Score of 200 and Post Utme Score of 200 will give you an average of 200. I recall that last year many had average more than 200 yet no admission.
Then admission determinant in FUNAI is not tied to “I crossed the cutoff marks! ”

3. FUNAI Admission Space

Admission space into FUNAI is another strong factor that determines your admission chances. FUNAI is a new University and you should not expect her admit much students as UNN. So right now the number of aspirants are far far beyond the admission space. FUNAI, as a new university didn’t admit up to 2000 students due to low admission space. Thousands of student come to write post utme, yet just few is selected to fill in the various available departments. In 2013, the number of students in a department were counting in twenties and hardly thirties.

4. What determines Funai admission space?

Each year FUNAI admission space increases, this will always be as a result of development. It is always tied to time. When resources are available, development will always take place. “Minor factors” have denied some admission in FUNAI. One of these factors was insufficient accommodation for students. FUNAI mandate had been to provide comfortable accommodation for each student. That was why it adopted the strategy of placing the #12000 accommodation fee inside the school fees. Therefore, giving admission had been in view of the available accommodation.

But it is yet a debate to remove the #12000  accommodation fee from the school fees to enable students choose to leave off campus or accept to pay for the school’s provision. If it prevail this year, then there will be less limitations in this year’s admission space. Meanwhile, there is an intensive accommodation project going on in the university’s permanent site, which in view will accommodate enough students this year, causing more candidates to be admitted than usual.

FUNAI 2015 Post UME Form –  Know Your Admission Chances

5. Higher Average

Your average determines your admission chance in FUNAI. What are you aiming at? Without partiality, FUNAI starts giving admission from the highest scores. So the higher your score over others, the higher your chance of getting admitted. With higher average all the factors listed above will by no possible means affect you.

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