Get 4G LTE Network with AT&T GoPhone Plans & Phones

AT&T GoPhone 4G phones and plans are services offered by which you need to add to your devices, in order to enjoy 4G/LTE speed on AT&T network and more at a favorable price.

AT&T is a telecommunications company in the United States that operates the nation’s largest 4G network and Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, the company offers a broad range of wireless voice and data services, and also serves millions of enterprise and multinational business corporations in different countries.

As an AT&T GoPhone customers, you have a chance to get more benefits, as you can enjoy attractive plans featuring 4G/LTE AT&T network on your AT&T 4G smartphone. Also quick messaging phone or basic feature phone at attractive prices.

How To Get 4G LTE Network with AT&T GoPhone at

  1. Go to and press the “View Plans” button to see what plan fits you.
  2. Input your zip code to access all available options. Note, the pricing and availability may vary by zip code.
  3. Clik “Add” to choose your preferred plan. However, you can press the “View details” button under “Add”, to learn more about the service.
  4. Once the new page opens, you will see the full picture of devices compatible with your selected plan. Then choose one by clicking “View”. Furthermore, you can compare up to 5 phones by checking the “Compare Now” boxes to make a better final decision.
  5. Then press the “Add to Cart” button to get all the things ready. During the process, you can also choose to add phone accessories if you wish. But any accessory on the line that is not compatible with your new items will be removed from the cart.
  6. After that, click on the “Continue to Next Step” button to proceed to check out.

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