Get Facebook Live Stream Video For Android & iOS To Go Live on FB

Facebook Live allows you to share your life in real time with your all your Facebook followers. As a  biggest social network’s live-streaming video functionality, users can broadcast live videos using only their smartphones at any point in time.

During Facebook Live stream Video, you’ll see the number of live viewers, as well as names of any friends who are tuning in, and also a real-time stream of comments. The best part of it it that once you’ve ended your Fb live stream, the post will save to your Timeline like any video.Facebook Live stream VideoFacebook Live video can be broadcast from a Facebook profile and Pages. It can as well be shared directly in a Facebook group or event, giving users plenty of live-streaming options.

What You Need To know about Facebook Live stream Video

  1. People spend much time watching Live videos on Facebook, than video that isn’t live.
  2. Viewer can comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.
  3. Over 50% of people watching live videos are using Android devices.
  4. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is dedicated to FB Live video.
  5. One in five Facebook users watches Facebook Live.
  6. More than 2 million people in different countries share Facebook Live video on daily bases.

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How You Can start a Facebook Live Stream Video

Facebook live video streaming is very easy. You must have a Facebook account first, if not, create Facebook account here. That’s not all… before you start to broadcast, ensure you have a strong signal (steady network) before you begin broadcasting for best results.

Now to start a Facebook Live broadcast, just follow the below process.

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Tap on Update Status
  3. Kindly select the Live Video icon
  4. Write a description. (This is optional, you might choose not to write if you want. But i recommend you write it, as it will draw peoples attention more).
  5. Next, choose the audience you’d like to share with.
  6. Then Go live!

Note: Facebook Live stream Video is available to all Pages and profiles on Facebook for iOS, Android, and the Facebook app. Not only that, FB live broadcasts can be streamed in Facebook groups and events.

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During the broadcast, you’ll see the number of live viewers, the names of any friends who are tuning in, and a real-time stream of comments. Once you’ve ended your broadcast, the post will save to your Timeline like any video.

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