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glo weekend and night plan

Data is very important, not only because they keep you informed about everything happening on the internet, but because they also help you stay in touch with friends and family. Well, one of the service providers In Nigeria, GLO, has a very great package which is GLO Weekend and Night Plan, for users who wish to download file of high volume without using regular data. This plan is majorly active in the night and also on weekends.

The plans are very cost-effective and they can also be used at that time of the day when a lot of people have gone to sleep, this would mean faster internet connection and faster download speed. For the weekend plan, you can subscribe over and over again anytime your data is exhausted.

GLO Weekend and Night Plan

To subscribe for this package, kindly use the code below:

Plan Amount volume Subscription code validity
Night plan(12am-5am)    #200 1GB *127*60#

Or send ‘60’ to ‘127’

Valid for one night and can be used any day of the week.

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Weekend plan plus five nights #500 `3GB *127*61#

Or send ‘61’ to ‘127’

Valid from Saturday 12 am to Sunday 11:59 and also on other weekdays from 12:00 am to 5:00 am

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To subscribe just dial *777# and select “buy data” then choose “nights and weekend plan”, the menu will give you the option of choosing between the night plan and the weekend plan. Choose the suitable one and you are ready to surf the internet.

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