Harmful Effects OF Female Genital Mutilation And How To Stop It

Harmful Effects OF Female Genital Mutilation – FGM(Female gender mutilation) involves procedure that involves partial or total removal of genitalia. It also involves any other injury to the female genitals for cultural or non- medical reason.


The practice of female circumcision also known Female genital mutilation is mainly due to traditional belief or societal belief. The practice is harmful to both children and women. Therefore corrective measures has been made to address and stop such practice entirely in the whole world.

Harmful Effects OF Female Genital Mutilation

Presently female circumcision is practiced in more than 28 African countries and some other communities in the world such as Asia.

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How Female Genital Mutilation Happens

This involves partial or total removal of the female genitalia for cultural or non therapeutic reasons:

Type 1: Clitoridectomy – It Involves the removal of the hood of the clitoris or part of the clitoris, this is the less severe from the practice.

Type 2: This involves the removal of the clitoris along with total or partial excision of the labia minora. This practice is more severe than the first type.

Type 3: infibulations This is most severe type of female genital mutilation and it involves the removal of the clitoris, the labia minora, and the adjacent medial part of the labia majora, and the stitching of the vaginal opening, allowing a pinhead opening for the flow of blood and menstrual blood.

Type 4: Any other harmful procedure such as scrapping, pricking of the woman sex organ is classified as type 4.

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Implications Or Harmful Effects OF Female Genital Mutilation

The Harmful Effects OF Female Genital Mutilation includes the following:

  • It is a violation of the human rights because it is mostly carried at a young age when there is no possibility of individual consent.
  • Circumcised women always experience painful menstruation for the rest of their lives in addition to difficulty in urination.
  • FGM increases the chances of getting infections.
  • Women always experience trauma when circumcision is done because they are always held down or forced against their will.
  • Because of the unsanitary environment it is generally performed, untrained medical personnel and no sterilization of materials, it has very dangerous health implications.
  • Mutilated females face lifelong health risks hepatitis or other blood borne diseases.

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How To Stop Female Genital Mutilation 

    • Strong advocacy campaign against the practice worldwide with the media on information, education, and communication will help and educate the public about FGM.
    • Another approach is education. It can be used to combat FGM as most of  the circumcised women around the world are uneducated.
    • Call for provisions and stern measures to prohibit the practice.


Children, adolescents, women has to be properly informed to reject the practice, and laws prohibiting FGM should be enforced.

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