Hide WhatsApp Videos & Pictures From Your Gallery With this Easy Steps

Gone are those days where instant messaging only send text, there has since been an evolution to mesaging. And for a long time now users can send videos, pictures, and recordings. Well, WhatsApp is at the top of the most used instant messaging app and you can send images, videos, text and loads of file types on the app. however, if you want to hide the files that you received from your gallery for your personal use, then theirs is a way you can go about it. In this article, we would guide you through the steps you can use to hide WhatsApp files from your gallery.

When your friends sense an image or video file to you on WhatsApp. The file downloads and saves to your gallery automatically. To stop those files from entering your gallery, then here are the steps to follow.

How to hide WhatsApp files from your gallery

hide WhatsApp files from your gallery
There are two ways to go about this;

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First option;

  • Go to play store and install WhatsApp beta
  • After installation, go to the app and tap the three dots that usually appears at the right top corner of the screen
    Select settings and then choose chats
  • You will see an option “show media gallery,” deactivate the option and that becomes the default of your app.

hide WhatsApp files from your gallery

Second option;

  • If you only want the media from some of your chats to be hidden, then its best you use this option.
  • Input one of your chats thread and select the chat name at the top.
  • Under media tap “media visibility” and you will be given three options to choose from.
  • If you choose to default, all your chat threads media will be hidden, yes will hide the media for the conversation thread only, while no will make the thread media appear in the gallery.

You can choose whichever option fits your chats pattern. With this steps, you can save your sensitive media without having to worry about anybody seeing them on your phone.

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